history jesus thing

Updated: 12/8/2020
history jesus thing

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  • Who founded it and how was it founded?It was founded by Paul who made a church in Jerusalem.
  • When and where the religion became popular.The religion became popular through the Roman Empire, during the years 300 C.E to 500 C.E.
  • The main beliefs of the religion.Their beliefs are that there is only one God, he created everything, and he sent his son for the people's sins. They also believe the son will rise again.
  • The holy book and philosophies that are the foundation of their chosen religion.The Holy Bible is their holy book. It tells about the history and Jesus's teachings.
  • How and why this religion spread.This religion gave people hope so it spread fast.
  •  The impact of this religion on world history and culture from their country of origin.THE religion took the world by storm and shifted peoples veiws on things.