Interview with God and Abraham
Updated: 6/24/2020
Interview with God and Abraham
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  • Hello, I’m Lyra and welcome to The Page News Channel.
  • I’m here in the year 2003 BC and in the land of Israel and reporting on God’s covenant with Abraham.
  • Now, let’s see. God’s saving plan has been around for thousands of years and it began when God created humanity at the beginning of time.
  • It is God’s plan for salvation for all people in the world. Everyone will be saved, and everyone will live in harmony in the kingdom of God. The relationship with God began with Adam – creation of humankind.
  • It then continued with the Old testament prophets, and then the completion of the relationship with God was finalized with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • This plan for salvation is throughout the entire Bible, from all the covenants/promises in the Old Testament and the prophets who preached them.
  • The promise of salvation was realized in the teachings and actions of Jesus, even those who sin and do evil can be redeemedand saved.
  • Hello, I’m Abraham and I made a covenant with God. He promised to make me the father of great people and in return, me and my descendants must obey God.
  • Oh, and also all the males have to be circumcised before they are 8 days old. I also got the land of Israel.
  • Well that’s nice, since this is Israel. Now I have a few questions to ask you about the covenant.
  • What is God’s plan and theme for this covenant? What are the features of this covenant?What did you do for God?
  • Those are interesting questions, now let me answer them. So, God’s plan for this covenant is for me to leave the country and follow God’s plan for a great nation. The theme is to obey God’s words and bless my family.
  • What happened in the covenant was that God promised me 3 things. He promised me a great nation, promised land and blessing people.
  • I even had to leave my home and family to follow God to the land of Canaan.
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