Updated: 1/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Mr. Beltran we brought you here to investigate president Kennedy's assassination
  • Justice for JFK
  • Alright! I'll be sure to solve it
  • Who killed John F. Kennedy?
  • where was he shot from
  • after I heard the of the incident, I immediately went around looking for suspicious people. As I went to the Texas school, I found Mr. Oswald, who is currently detained, going away from the scene looking suspicious
  • I see, that means the possible sight is approximately 150 feet from the murder scene
  • Hello Ms. Smith, I am investigating president Kennedy's assassination's, may I ask if you have seen this man last November 22nd
  • Yes, I saw that man going around the 6th floor of the building, seemed like he was really looking for something
  • Lee Oswald
  • Hmm... Looking down at the street gives me at least an angle of 25 degrees
  • Based on the blueprints, this floor is also 80 feet from the ground
  • We are here to today to solve former President, John F Kennedy's assassination. Mr Beltran please
  • The hypotenuse will have been 170 feet which is how far mr oswald was from the President, since the building formed 90 degree angle from the ground the remaining angle will have been 65 degrees
  • 170 feet
  • 150 feet
  • 80 ft
  • Here is what I found
  • case closed, thank you Mr. Beltran. Officer Arrest Mr Oswald!
  • How did you know?
  • Based on what I Found. Mr. Lee Oswald is in fact the murderer. The gun he used has his fingerprints and The shot could only be performed by him