Miles’ Story

Updated: 10/19/2021
Miles’ Story

Storyboard Text

  • Alex turns on his computer to find that someone is posting rumors online about him.
  • From Anonymous.To students,Did you all know that Alex actually is adopted and has assaulted someone before.
  • Alex has no idea who is doing this and starts to get mean texts from classmates.
  • HA Ha! Alex your adopted at least my parents loved me.
  • Alex did you actually assault someone. Your a monster. Don’t talk to me anymore at school.
  • Alex goes to school the next day and starts to talk to his friend and find out who is doing this to him.
  • Alex I saw heard what someone said about you to the whole school. I know who said it, it was the new kid Cameron. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.
  • Thanks for telling me. I’m gonna confront him about it later today.
  • I know your the one who was saying stuff about me to the school. I forgive you but can you please stop, or I will have to get parents involved
  • I’m sorry I was just joking , I didn’t mean for it to be taken so seriously. I will stop, and I’m sorry that I did what I did. I realized that, that is something not to be joking around about.
  • After school Alex finds Cameron and confronts him about what he said.
  • Alex forgives Cameron and they make up and start to become friends, but Cameron receives detention everyday for the next week.
  • Cameron goes to detention for the next week after school.