The Fire Cat - Making Connections

The Fire Cat - Making Connections
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The Fire Cat by Esther Averill

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The Fire Cat by Esther Averill is a perfect book for emergent readers. Pickles is a young cat with big paws who wants to do big things. Readers will rejoice when Pickles finds a place where he belongs.

Fire Cat, The

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The Fire Cat by Esther Averil - Making connections with Pickles the fire cat

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  • In this story, Pickles chases cats around because it is the only thing he can do.
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  • In another Esther Averill book, "The Hotel Cat", a cat moves into a hotel because he is really good at chasing mice.
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  • "He ran after little cats. He ran after every little cat that came into the yard. And he chased the little cat out of the yard. This was a bad, bad thing. But it was all Pickles could find to do."
  • Sometimes, Pickles was a bad cat. He would chase around other cats for fun.
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  • "You are a mixed-up cat. What you need is a good home. Then you will be good.
  • My cat Hazel reminds me of Pickles because she is bad sometimes. She chases my other cats and loves to jump up onto our flat screen TV!
  • Pickles was a stray cat. Mrs. Goodkind went out of her way to feed him and offer him a place in her home, which he decided was not a good fit for him.
  • I read in a magazine about a lady who took care of stray cats. She took care of over 30 stray cats. She fed them and some even lived in her house!
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