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Updated: 12/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Amy has been wanting to go to collage for writing for some time. She decides to talk to her mom about it.
  • Amy heads down stairs to talk to her mom. "Mom, I think it's time I go to collage" "I talked to you about this your to young" "I'm out of high school mom" "A year early" "Because of my writing grades, that's what I what to go for" "What have I said, Now go to your room"
  • "Your useless, Mom" Amy shouted as she stomped upstairs.
  • "What's going on, Robin" "Amy brought up collage again" "Maybe your being to hard on her, Why don't you just let her go" "She's to small she'll get bullyed" "It'll be good for her, getting out in to the real world"
  • "Amy, your mom might of been being to hard on you but she is trying to protect you. You know your small for your age, rember what hapend in kingerdan and third grade." "Yes, but what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" "True, I think your are ready"
  • "Hear is the plan, we are sign you up now and send the application. Then you will take the test, and if you get accepted I will drive you. Rember you can't tell mom. "Ok, can I tell my freinds" "Yes, but it is a secret, Mom can't find out." "Ok"
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