Unknown Story
Updated: 1/2/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • Is there a fairly cheap hotel around here?
  • Try the Bell and dragon.
  • Rising Action
  • Oh don't worry dear, they are wonderful people. Drink up your tea.
  • Gregory Temple
  • Christopher Mulholland
  • These names, Temple and Mulholland, they sound quite farmiliar. I just can't seem to figure out why.
  • Climax
  • The protagonist in this story is Billy Weaver. He is going up against the Land Lady. This story takes place around 9:00pm, in Bath, England at a local bed and breakfast. There are clear, starry skies and it is cold and windy.
  • Falling Action
  • Care for more tea Billy? I haven't had anyone stay here for two years, I don't mind making more.
  • On the way to the Bell and Dragon, Billy spots a local bed and breakfast. He decides to stay here instead. Billy is welcomed into the bed and breakfast and when he realizes how cheap the price is he takes the offer. The price is half of the Bell and Dragon. He realizes that he is the only one staying there and finds it unusual. Once settled in his room, he was asked to come downstairs to sign the guest book. Every time he asks about Mulholland and Temple, the landlady changes the subject. She eventually lets it slip that the two men are "still there" after Billy mentioned that he remembered they were school boys walking home.
  • Resolution
  • At this point in the story,  Billy goes to pet the dachshund and realizes that the pets that the landlady has in her room are stuffed and well preserved. This is when he starts to get freaked out and doesn't trust the landlady anymore. It clicks in his head that Christopher and Gregory are also stuffed and being preserved somewhere in the house.
  • Theme/Conflict
  • Th-these are stuffed? How did you preserve them?
  • The landlady says that she can make Billy more tea and when he denies it, he claims that it tastes like bitter almonds. The landlady then explains how Billy is the only guest she´s had in two years and wouldn´t mind making him some more.
  • No thanks, I don´t fancy it. It tastes like bitter almonds.
  • It is assumed that Billy Weaver as well as Gregory Temple and Christopher Mulholland were poisoned through their tea with cyanide. This is assumed because Billy said the tea tasted like bitter almonds and so does cyanide. It is also assumed that after the landlady killed him, she stuffed him just like she stuffed her pets, along with Christopher Mulholland and Gregory Temple.
  • The theme of the story, The Landlady is that looks may be deceiving. Billy thought that the landlady was just a nice old lady that was offering him tea and a place to stay for the night, but in reality, the landlady was an evil woman who was poisining him through her tea with cyanide so that she could stuff him and admire him with Gregory Temple and Christopher Mulholland. The conflict of this story, is a character vs character conflict. The landladyt is trying to get Billy to drink his tea so he can die and she can stuff him, and Billy is just looking for a cheap place to stay and going against the landlady .
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