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Updated: 1/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • I have to clean my house today and you are going to help. Let's start with this room.
  • Ok. I wish you would've told me that sooner because I would have made another plan. What cleaners are we using?
  • I was planning on using Windex for the windows because Windex promises a streak free shine.
  • Actually, Windex contains dangerous chemicals such as ammonia that can cause respiratory damage if inhaled and can irritate the eyes. I suggest we use an alternative cleaner. Maybe one with less chemicals.
  • I was thinking that we should use bleach to clean the toilet, 409 to get the poop off of the floors and drain cleaner to clean the drains.
  • First of all, how did you get poop on the floors? Second of all bleach is extremely toxic. It also contains ammonia, which can cause cancer if mixed with bleach. Also if you drink it, you would definitely die.
  • Well I got poop on the floor because I ate a steak burrito and it did not settle well in my stomach and I didn't have time to make it to the toilet. I also do not think it is a good idea to use bleach because I like to put things in my mouth and if I get ahold of the bleach I will most likely drink it. What about 409 and drain cleaner?
  • 409 contains dangerous chemicals and can irritate the eyes and skin. It is also not safe to breathe in the chemicals, for it can interrupt the hormone system. Drain cleaner isn't any safer though. It contains sodium hydroxide. if swallowed, inhaled or comes in contact with your eyes or skin, you need to call poison control.
  • Finally! My laundry! I don't think I need your help for this one. I do it all the time.
  • You should do more research on the chemicals that you use at home, because you never know the damage that they can cause.
  • First of all, I think I see your underwear from the steak burrito incident. Second of all, the laundry detergent that you plan on using contains bleach, formaldehyde, and sulfate. All of which are dangerous chemicals that can irritate your eyes, nose and throat. Also, exposure to large amounts can cause kidney and liver damage.
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