the adventure of fish and dolphin

the adventure of fish and dolphin

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  • It is time now dolphin for you to go to the ocean.
  • What do you mean? Isn't this the ocean?
  • No this is a small lake beside Gregarious City. You are special as you can breathe in both fresh and salt water. Now go and learn about the original land you came from before I raised you as a son.
  • Wow look at all of these beautiful plants!
  • Yeah, there are plants here because we are currently in the photic zone, which means there is enough light to perform photosynthesis.
  • Wow, so cool! Does that mean there's a zone where photosynthesis cannot occur? 
  • Yes and that is called the aphotic zone!
  • What do those plants do if they can not utilize light to produce glucose to eat?
  • They use a process called chemosynthesis, where they use chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide to produce glucose.
  • Hello there, sir!
  • My blood lust is unending!
  • Are you okay?
  • Yeah, kid, it's just I've been trying the herbivore diet recently, where you only eat producers. However, I'm more used to eating meat being a carnivore and all
  • Sorry to hear that. So your a little salty?
  • No, but mainly because this area is a halocline, meaning this is an area with a change in salinity. This is an area with a negative change in salinity
  • Hello there! Are you ok? You look distressed.
  • Well, I was told recently that I have a good number of barnacles on me. They use me as a mode of transport and so they always have food, but I get nothing. It's not even like they harm me.
  • That's called commensalism, and it's annoying. However, it's not the worst as I said before I don't get harmed from it, so it's not like parasitism.
  • Hey if you really don't want them, I can eat them off you. We will both benefit as I can get food, and you will no longer have those barnacles on you.
  • Thank you! I love mutualism.
  • Gosh, why is the water so green here?
  • That because there has been a rapid growth of algae in this area known as an algal bloom.
  • What caused this rapid growth?
  • Someone released some sewage and this released large quantities of dissolved nutrients that occur naturally in small quantities, known as limiting nutrients. In particular, nitrates and phosphates have caused this growth.
  • That's why us herbivores on overdrive trying to contain this, so the eutrophication process won't begin, where the algae block the sunlight killing other plants which in turn kills off the primary consumer(those that eat plants), and then the secondary consumer(those who eat primary consumer) dies, etc.
  • Hey, why are you so sad?
  • So jerk fishermen just caught 100,000 of my brothers. This went way over the Maximum Sustainable Yield or the number of a species that can be taken out of an environment without adversely affecting the population.
  • Don't they realize that going over the MSY of an area can lead to a Tragedy of the Commons situation, where the combined effects of many destroy a common resource?
  • But they could easily fight against the overfishing by utilizing mariculture, which is the production of animals or plants in salt water, controlled by a producer, or an organism who makes their own food.
  • Wow, these waves are intense!
  • Waves are a transmission of energy. The waves are affected by the wind especially the wind's velocity, duration, and fetch (the distance over water that the wind blows).
  • By the by, I'm your dad.
  • Wow, I learned so much about the ocean and I even found my dad. I love the ocean!
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