bud, not buddy
Updated: 1/22/2019
bud, not buddy

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  • "you two are moving to a foster home!"
  • Bud learns he´s going to a foster home.
  • TOGETHER!!!!!!!
  • Bud goes to amoses.
  • "please no"
  • tries to beat up todd.
  • Bud is going to a foster home .He tries to be a good friend to Jerry. Bud dosen't think this will work.
  • got locked in shed.
  • get in the shed!!!! NOW!!!!
  • Bud walks into the house. he places his thing's. find's out who's he dealing with.
  • on the lam!!!!!!!
  • "This is the library."
  • todd wake's up bud by hitting him. bud punches todd. mr.amos take's bud and made him apologize.
  • HOVERVILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bud gets locked in a shed. hit a hornets nest. sabotage the amoses house.
  • not the home, please not the home.
  • Bud escaped the amoses. he went to the libery to see mrs.hill. he got food with his "Family".
  • bud got to hoovervile. kissed a girl. missed the train to chicago.
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