robo storyboard
Updated: 2/27/2020
robo storyboard

Storyboard Description

pops up in the corner of phone as an add and then when clicked it takes the user to another screen saying hi im levi u can change my name ... and then it will tell u about how to buy him and so on

Storyboard Text

  • Opening
  • Thursday 13th February 2020
  • Google ...
  • 3 : 24
  • click me !!!
  • Assembling of the robot
  • analysis
  • I'm only £29.95 and i can answer the majority of your questions, i am toy for your children an alarm and much more !!
  • (extreme close up on phone)The robot will be on the screen giving the intro of ''Hi, i'm Levi but u can change my name when ever u would like, i am a toy, a companion and a also your own portable research and general knowledge question air''.(duration of slide is infinite until got rid off)
  • price
  • the robot assemble and is introduced with the title'ROBO PERSON' arms, legs and head will float towards the body and attach causing an explosion in the backgroundclose up 3 seconds
  • name
  • talks about how much it's can do and what it could be used forclose up 13 seconds
  • ending
  • Buy now !!!!!
  • £29.95
  • price is emphasisedprice will fade in and then background will explodeextreme close up 3 seconds
  • £29.95
  • name is emphasisedwill appear when explosion goes offextreme close up 3 seconds
  • sell the product in all big retailers 'Buy now !!!!!'close up 10 seconds