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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Aztec people had been walking for months searching for a new home.
  • one day their forward scouts reported “There is a great lake ahead, in the center is an island"
  • "There are no signs of enemies anywhere. There are not even any people to be seen."
  • “It is the sign!” the people said and they fell to their knees on the lakeshore.
  • children were curious to know what this unusual sign was all about.
  • the ancient priest told the story that had been passed down among the Aztec for generations.
  • *telling the kids the story about the sign*
  • One year no rain came to their lands. They feared that the rain god was angry with them
  • The priests answered, "The gods wish us to leave our home."
  • So, the Aztec leaders turned to the wise priests and asked them, ‘What shall we do?’ “The priests answered, ‘The gods wish us to leave our home."
  • That is the legend of how the Aztec came to live on and around Lake Texcoco (tesh-KO-ko) in what is now Mexico.
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