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  • Why do you smoke cigarette? It will spoil your health with cancer and effects the environment also with air pollution with more problems like breathing problem. Also I saw you burning crackers and I think you are owner of the chemical factory. Why do you need daily uses that effect the environment? That smoke is harmful to people and environment, so its better you stop these.
  • Why do you care about it? Air pollution is so common in the society. And first we can't reduce it as it will be caused in so many ways, Our daily uses and inventions will be more useful than saving our environment.
  • Now you say that my factory release smoke that pollutes air. But chemicals, waste and experimenting it is useful for us so I don't care of pollution.
  • But the smoke released from the factory is a real big thing. You know that its the mix of waste and its too harmful for the whole environment including living things.
  • Without cutting trees and wood, how will you get furniture. But first of all why does deforestation come under air pollution.
  • You think that but deforestation is also one of the main factor of air pollution increasing. Trees convert carbon-dioxide into oxygen. But if the trees are cut, the harmful air will remain the same as there are no trees to make it pure.
  • Oh no, they are burning wood and plastic.
  • You see that the plastic and wood contains some or more chemicals. So that will be burned, the smoke which contains chemicals will also spread in environment.
  • This full harmful polluted air makes birds not fly sky, bring breathing problems to humans and even make the clouds poisonous.
  • Now I understood about the air pollution causes, dangers and precautions. I will stop my chemical factory and do something else in that building. Also I will try my best to create awareness about air pollution.
  • From this story we learn that we should not pollute our environment because its very harmful for our beautiful nature,animals and all living beings
  • THANK YOU by Disha Gupta
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