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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Xiomara
  • Michelle Obama
  • Being a Christian is a part of my identity that has shaped my interaction with the world. Christianity is a religion of many rules, most, that I don't agree with. This dosent matter though because my mother does.This rule never botherd me though because I never had much interest in guys. But then came Aman, this great guy at school. When i'm with him its amzing, all my worry's wash away. None of that matters though because i'm not aloud to have a boyfriend and remain a good Christian. With Aman it could of been easy but because of my religion its not. Something as simple as how I handle my dating life is affected. What parts of your identity affect how you interact with the world, Michelle?
  • Very much like you I was born into a world not of my choosing, a black women. Someone who I am very proud to be. But that does not mean this aspect of my identity does not affect my interaction with the world. For example when a white man voices his opinion he is seen as passionate but when I do Im rude or angry. As the first lady I am compelled to use my platform to spread messages I am passionate about. The only thing is when I dare to use my voice I am seen as the "angry black women". A common stereotype aimed to degrade powerful women of color. Sadly because of these sterotypes I alway have to wonder how people will twist my passion or feelings. Something no one should have to worry about.
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