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Updated: 1/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Part 1 Normal World Theseus and Minotaur
  • Part 1 Normal World Mulan
  • Part 1 Normal World connection
  • Theseus arrives at the palace in Athens, to convince King Ageus, his father that they were related. He came as a hero who just happened to be traveling through Athens, but the enchantress Madea convinced the king that Theseus was actually evil.
  • Part 2 Theseus Call To Adventure
  • Mulan is very oppinianated and likes to speek her mind, even when others don't. She wants to honor her family and ancestors, but she can't stop speaking her mind.
  • Part 2 Mulan Call To Adventure
  • Both Mulan and Theseus are trying to get their family's aproval, and what they think is very important.
  • Part 2 Call To Adventure Connection
  • After Theseus convinced the king that they were family, he learns about the tribute to Minos that happens each year. Upset by this unfair sacrifice, he volunteers to go to put an end to it, despite his fathers wishes.
  • Mulan's father, Fa Zhou, is drafted to fight in the army, despit of his old, weakened state. In the middle of the night she steals her father's armor and goes in his place.
  • Mulan and Theseus both saw an unfair circumstances and bravely volunteered to go despite their family's wishes.
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