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Code of honor storyboard that
Updated: 9/17/2020
Code of honor storyboard that
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  • "Kamran, Darius is on TV. He is part of Al-Qaeda."
  • "I don't believe you. Darius was a good soldier and a good brother. He must be trying to tell us something."
  • "Where am I?"
  • "You are being questioned. My name is Mickey Hagan. I am with you. I believe your brother is not a terrorist. We are going to look at the tapes of your brother talking".
  • "Right there! We used to play games we made up together. He's trying to tell us something."
  • "What is he talking about here?"
  • "He's hinting at an attack on U.S. soil! And... those mountains are in Arizona! I know it!"
  • "Great! I'm assembling a team to find Darius and save him. There is a hacker-Jimmy, a former Green Beret-Dane, and a secret agent named Aaliyah."
  • "Don't move!"
  • The team deciphers Darius' messages and finds out that the attack will be at the Super Bowl. They still head to Arizona to rescue Darius, but get caught while rushing him out. Dane gets shot and Jimmy was a spy for the opposition.
  • Kamran and Darius got kidnapped and brought into the Super Bowl halftime float, rigged to a bomb. Darius told Kamran to get out while he disabled the bomb.. Kamran ran outside and saw his favorite ESPN commentator Emily Reed. She then shot the security guards, and Kamran realized she was the woman in charge of Al-Qaeda's attacks.. The bomb exploded while Kamran was fighting her. Luckily, only one was killed. Darius. Kamran thought he was dead until he helped Kamran win the fight against Emily Reed.
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