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1066 part 3
Updated: 8/3/2020
1066 part 3
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  • King Godwinson quickly, Hardrada just defeated your small army.
  • WHAT! we have to make it quick!
  • COME ON! Who is first!
  • ME!
  • ME!
  • ME!
  • ME!
  • UHHHH!
  • HAHAH Great Job. Now lets chase after them and DEFEAT them.
  • Harald Hardrada defeated Godwinsons army so Godwinson himself had to get to Hardrada fast.
  • We Have to back away they are too powerful NOW! RUN!!
  • Godwinsons himself and his army and Hardrada's himself and his army met at the Stamford Bridge which then led them into the battle of the Stamford Bridge.
  • Hardrada put one of his best Vikings at work to try and single handedly defeat all of them. He defeated some until one of Godwinson people goes under the bridge and stabs him.
  • I am so ready to take this crown off that SCUM
  • YESS!
  • When Harald Hadrada's powerful troop died they decided to serenader and back away for a little while. They knew that King Godwinson would chase after them.
  • On the 25 of September Harald Hardrada had died from an arrow in his wind pipe by one of King Godwinson's army.
  • Due to bad weather William and his army were delayed, but eventually they made it to shore. Whilst they made it to shore King Godwinson had killed Hardrada. William and his army made it to shore without Godwinson knowing.
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