Part 2 - 1066 War

Updated: 8/2/2020
Part 2 - 1066 War

Storyboard Text

  • OK!! I'll get on it!
  • I told you it won't end nice Tostig! We are going to get our crown that we deserve. Get everyone to work and we are leaving soon on our powerful and intimidating boats.
  • Oh No! We will have to wait until the weather clear up.
  • HAHA! I have always want to fight my brother
  • WHAT! We have to get our Army to the North because William is closer to us.
  • King Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William are planning to attack us! Harald Hardrada is coming from the South and William from the North!
  • OH NO! We are unable to cross the waters to England because of the weather. We will not make it alive.
  • Harald Hardrada planned to conquer Godwinson army and Godwinson himself by taking their boats to the South of England and then use their strong and fierce army to attack them.
  • King Godwinson, William and his army has been delayed because of the fierce wind and weather.
  • WHAT!! We have to get to York to stop Harald Hardrada. I have placed a small army there to slow them down and to try and defeat them.
  • When Godwinson found out that both Harald Hardrada and William are staking him for his crown, he released that Normandy is closer to England so he prepares for them to attack and reach first.
  • HAHAHA! We have made it before Harald Godwinson can set up
  • HAHAHA! We have reached land at last!
  • William and his army were about to set off in their journey, but that was until extreme weather struck and they were unable to get out into the ocean in the boats without being injured or killed.
  • When Harold Godwinson found out that William and his army had been delayed due to weather he had to race to stop Harald Hardrada from attacking his country.
  • Before King Godwinson had reached York Harald Hardrada had reached land with all 12 of his boats full of fence Vikings.
  • (The battle of the Fulford Gate) King Godwinson had let a small army to try and stop Harald Hardrada, but they were unable to take down the fence Vikings.