Story 2
Updated: 12/28/2020
Story 2

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  • Woah, if when the Rebbe was talking about where to put down the Lulavim, he said on the wood because he didn't want to say put the Lulavim on the floor because the Lulavim are holy objects. Kal vachomer when talking about the Lechem Hapanim, you should certainly be careful to use Lashon Nekiah
  • Mine piece of the Bread was like the size of a bean
  • Mine was like the size of an Olive
  • Kohanim in the Beit Hamikdosh discussing their portions on the Lechem Hapanim
  • Mine was like the size of a lizards tail
  • (this man was searched into because he did not use Lashon Nakiah.
  • This Man is not a valid Kohen, he is no longer allowed to participate in the Avoda
  • This man was a Chalal, and because his father didn't respect the Kahuna, neither did he.
  • Rashi
  • Didn't we learn in the Mishna that once someone is accepted as a Kohen, we can not double check, and we must leave him alone?
  • Answer: the story was told wrong, this man was genetically a Kohen, they just found a character flaw. Second: they found a genealogical flaw. So why were they allowed to look for one? Because he did something bad, that made them concerned, and in that situation they are able to search.
  • This man was Hughty, and he disgraced holy thingsRashi
  • Gemara: such a person is not fit to serve in the Beit Hamikdash. Menachot: If a Kohen is not willing to do all of the Avoda, he can not do any because it should be viewed as an honor.
  • Rambam: Hebrew is called Lashon Hakodesh because there are no dirty words
  • Why is Hebrew called lashon Hakodesh?
  • Ramban: Hebrew is called Lashon Hakodesh because it is the language that Hashem speaks.
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