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The Trojan War
Updated: 3/25/2020
The Trojan War
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  • Around 1000 B.C. there was a Queen of Sparta named Helen. Prince Paris of Troy found her beautiful and took her back to Troy.
  • Ahhh! Please don't take me!
  • I am Prince Paris of Troy and I am here to take you back to my home.
  • When Helen's husband, King Menelaus found this out he was furious and wanted to go to war with Troy. He gathered the best of Greece.
  • We cannot let Troy get away with this! We will go to war and bring Helen back!
  • When the Greeks got to Troy they realized it would be very hard to penetrate the giant wall that the Trojans had.
  • Uh, how will we get into here. These walls are amazing.
  • We'll find a way... for Helen!
  • The fighting went on for ten years. Major battles were won for both sides. The Greeks had lost their best warrior and the Trojans had lost their prince. Then a Greek King involved with the war named Odysseus had an idea.
  • I have an idea!
  • The idea was to act as if Greece was giving up and offering Troy a "gift" of a giant, wooden horse. Greek soldiers would be inside so that when the Trojans took the horse in the city, the soldiers could get out and open the gate to let others in.
  • Look! The Greeks have given up and given us a gift! We shall feast tonight!
  • That night the soldiers came out of the horse and let the others in. Troy was caught off guard, the city was burned to the ground, and Helen was saved.
  • I would very much like that!
  • We won the war, Troy is burned, and I have you. Now let's go home!
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