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Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • One example of negative stress is fighting with my sisters. An example of a positive stress is adopting a brother from Haiti.
  • Stress is created by stressors
  • Please write down one thing for positive stress and one for negative stress.
  • How to deal with stress1. Know what is causing your stress2. Time management will allow you to feel like you have control of your day
  • That's great advice! Thank you!
  • Yes sir!
  • Effects of stressIt can cause headaches, back pain, and stomach pain. It can also cause you to feel anxious, mad, and sad. Therefore this can affect your social life
  • Does everyone understand so far?
  • The BIG QuestionDo you think it is harder for teenager now a day's or for teenager's when your parents where teenager's?
  • Okay!
  • I want you to think very hard about this one!
  • Yes I think life was more stressful for teens now a day's because their are things such as social media and other things that can make kids these day feel stressful. Also my parents didn't have to go through a pandemic when they were teenager's. So yes I think teenager's now a day's had it harder than back then.
  • The End