All Summer in a Day

Updated: 9/3/2021
All Summer in a Day

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  • The great news
  • The closet
  • The Sun!
  • The group of children were wanting to hear the great knews about the sun showing it self for the first time in a long time. But this one girl named Margot was not so excited about the news. The reason she was not so excited was because she had seen it before but it has been so long since she ever seen it.
  • A little after that Margot was getting annoyed by this boys named william.But after that william was getting mad because he was disagreeing that the sun will never come to shine down on them.So after he was yelling out to the other kids to put her in the tunnel were there was a closet. when they get back to the classroom the teacher had just walked in and got the class ready.
  • couple minutes later they had all ran out because of the sun. when they went out had enjoyed the sun and had ran around and did other things .the first drop had came down and they had went back inside the underground house.when they got to the classroom they had forgot about margot and to let her out so she was not able to see the sun