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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Oh no I think he can see me
  • The peacocks have recently moved into a new part of the forest. Where they use to live was very grey and the females tended to mate with the males will dull feathers more often than males with brightly covered feathers.
  • Man this sucks. All my friends got eaten by tigers and none of the females will mate with me. I am all alone.
  • It is mid spring and the peacocks will mate soon. And although it is good the peacocks are mating, their main predators the tigers are very active during this time. This it is very dangerous for the peacocks.
  • Since the new environment is very green, the colored peacocks blend into the environment better than the grey peacocks. The grey peacocks are easier spotted by the tigers and they get eaten.
  • The tigers eat almost all of the grey peacocks. The females pick the males with bright feathers to mate because there are almost no more grey ones left.
  • Eventually the grey peacocks die out because they are not reproducing and they are getting eaten by tigers. The peacocks with bright feathers are reproducing a lot.
  • Now all the peacocks are brightly colored and none of them are grey so it is difficult for the tigers to eat them. Because the tigers are having a difficult time eating them, the brightly colored peacocks are flourishing