English 9
Updated: 1/6/2020
English 9
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  •  Jeannette tells us about her earliest memory, the time she caught on fire cooking hot dogs.
  • Someone help me!
  • A few months later Rex woke the Walls family up in the middle of the night and said it was time to leave town.
  • Honey wake up, we have to leave
  • While on the road Jeannette fell out of the car and into the gravel of some train tracks. She experienced a bit of a scare when her parents didn’t come back for her right away.
  • Please come back!!
  • Dad, I want this one
  • Christmas was when Rex took them each out into the desert to pick their own star. Jeannette chose Venus, and since it was Christmas her father decided she could keep it even if it was a planet.
  • It already a plant but since its Christmas, why not
  • AHHHHH!!!!
  • a new boy name Billy moved in down the street. He developed a crush on Jennette and when she didn’t share the same feelings he got angry. He stopped by their house when Jeannette and her siblings were alone and started shooting at them with his bebe gun.
  • You should of love me
  • Even if the Walls Family had money problems, they still found the time to prepare for Christmas. Unfortunately the weeks they spent preparing were washed down the drain when Rex showed up drunk and set the tree along with all the presents on fire.
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