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Updated: 11/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Well let me explain.
  • Miss? I heard of the greenhouse effect, what is it?
  • The greenhouse keep warm all of the vegetable inside and it will also keep them safe from all the humidity and the external aggression.
  • You see, this is a greenhouse, it's used to protect vegetable.
  • The light which is represented by the yellow arrows hit the ground and it heats it up, the ground send back the heat and the green house keeps it inside (the red arrows), if you open the green house all the heat will go out.
  • It keeps the warmth and it protects us from infrared radiation and it's scattered them back,so it's just keeping the heat. That's why we called it the greenhouse effect. Without it the Earth will be at -15°.
  • Well it's quite the same with the Earth. She is protected by the atmosphere, which has the same purpose has a green house.
  • Wow I didn't knew! That's impressive, thanks miss!
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