Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The world is slowly dying as we know it no one really saw it coming as the the virus slowly shocked all of us into lockdown.
  • Little by little things like everyday shops were getting taken away from us as we could do nothing about it.
  • then it got to the point where no one could socialize with each other and meet each other in different places.
  • people are getting affected by the virus and slowly dying some without getting the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones.
  • All though things have hit very dramatically things are slowly getting better by bringing some of the thing we know and love back into place.
  • some people are being left in their houses with nothing having to wait for the days to go by feeling helpless and alone
  • Going into lock down has also stopped schools and now students have to interact with classmates and teachers by going online
  • The lock down restrictions are now starting to get eased of by being able to meet people but keeping a 2 meter gap
  • we are still keeping aware of the virus but life as we know it now is gradually getting better for all of us.