project 4
Updated: 5/20/2020
project 4

Storyboard Text

  • Ya well I said so!
  • Caroline go to the hall!
  • Makes us do workWalks down the isle clicking her heelsWont let me and Nicole sit next to each other
  • But I-I didn-
  • Worst SWD?
  • *eats watermelon*
  • ClickClackOh lookMrs Dunsons back!
  • Hmm well I guess I can just do what ever I want. I just hope she isnt actually mad
  • And now I wait. She better not be mad I didnt even do anything.
  • Worst SWD?
  • Hadley dont be like this tell me like Ill go along just tell me if shes mad kuz this is annoying
  • *Inside the classroom* *Whats probably going on*
  • *eats watermelon*
  • Hadley is she mad?
  • I'm not allowed to talk to you
  • Nah.
  • Well if no one is going to tell me whats going on then ill take the opportunity to entertain myself
  • Hmm if I stand here then Mrs. Stanton cant see me but I can see the class
  • Whatever just dont peek into my class anymore
  • What are you doing?! Sit down and stop distracting us.
  • Worst SWD?
  • ClickClackOh lookMrs Dunsons back!
  • I think she forgot I was out here.
  • Whoups my bad. Im not really sure Mrs. Dunson has made me sit out here for like the whole class.
  • Oh and they closed the curtain so im just sitting here and I cant even see in.
  • Hahhhahaa
  • Guys if you go out there dont say ANYTHING! HAHA
  • Ahhh poor Birkel probably getting yelled at by Mrs. Weiner
  • Does she actually think were serious!
  • AH who knows I bet shes freaking out. BAHAH
  • Stupid birkel hahahahaha