Geography project
Updated: 1/14/2021
Geography project

Storyboard Text

  • Bolshevik Revolution Scene 1
  • We work in these factories all day and for what? We never get treated equal here! We need to protest!!
  • You're right! I'll call up some friends!
  • Everyone: "Yeah!"
  • Bolshevik Revolution Scene 2
  • We are not treated fair! LET RIOT!!
  • Bolshevik Revolution Scene 3
  • The people are coming!!!
  • Vladimir Lenin realized that he wasn't being treated equal and he wasn't being paid equal!
  • Bolshevik Revolution Scene 4
  • We want equal rights! Let us in!!!
  • He got people together and decided to protest it!
  • Bolshevik Revolution Scene 5
  • The guards decided to tell the king and his family that people were coming to protest!
  • Bolshevik Revolution Scene 6
  • The people of the town were coming to protest and they were trying to knock down the doors!
  • They got in the kings house and told him what they thought!
  • They decided telling the king and his family what they thought and what they wanted wasn't enough to they killed him.
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