Unknown Story
Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story

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  • On the way back to Italy after attending his daughter's wedding, the ship carrying Alonso the King of Naples was hit by a Tempest.
  • The tempest was created by Ariel who was a servant to Prospero... it was part of a grand plan for Prospero to get revenge.
  • Ferdinand, Son of Alonso had been separated from other survivors of the ship..he was desperate to find the others....
  • The tempest was fierce. It was too much and the ship crashed against the rocks. Everyone had to abandon ship and swim to the nearby island. The survivors were split up.
  • Somewhere else on the island, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio and Gonzala stop to rest....
  • Prospero and his daughter Miranda lived on the island. 12 years ago they were kidnapped and left on a raft at sea to die. Prospero's brother Antonio had schemed with Alonso to get rid of him so that Antonio could take his place as the Duke of Milan.
  • They look for Ferdinand but think he is dead. They come across a banquet table filled with a feast to feed them all.
  • Ariel played his flute to charm Ferdinand ....he finds Miranda and it is love at first sight. Prospero's plan to get back at Alonso is working.
  • Alonso explains that he lost his son in the Tempest...Prospero tells him that he too has recently lost his own daughter.........
  • Ariel plays his flute again to charm them into sleeping. Only Antonio and Sebastian are left awake...Antonio tells Sebastian to join him in killing Alonso and the others so that he can become ruler of Naples...but their plan is ruined when they all wake up
  • The food suddenly disappears! There is nothing there at all! Prospero appears and explains that he was responsible for bringing them all here so that he could confront them about their treachery. Alonso is sorry and Prospero forgives them.
  • Ferdinand and Miranda appear. Ferdinand explains to his father that he is now married and happy! They all plan to return to Italy where Prospero can be a Duke again and retire. Ariel is set free as long as he makes sure that they have a calm journey home.