the worm

Updated: 10/6/2021
the worm

Storyboard Text

  • 4:51pm
  • hhtp/
  • JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this looks like a cool websitelets go on it
  • at 4:51pm john is looking for a website to pass the time cause he is bored. he ends up finding a website but john doesnt know if its secure he doesnt think of that and clicks the link.
  • john is then shouted by one of his parents needing to go down the stairs but cause he clicked a link he didnt know was secure he ended up getting a worm (a worm is a malicious piece of malware that can duplicate without and human interaction and doesnt need to attach its self to a software program to cause damage).
  • now because of the dangerous link that john clicked on the worm has started it journey on beginning to spreading across his computer.
  • now that there is a worm in the computer its has started to duplicate and make more and more of them so they can spread faster.
  • cause the worms started duplicating there are more of them to spread and cause they are more they are doing it to not just his computer.
  • while jimmy was on his computer in the other side of the house and the worm has also have started doing it in the computer of the house starting a sort of chain where it goes one after another after another.