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RPO Story Board - English Project
Updated: 10/16/2020
RPO Story Board - English Project
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  • It features the protagonist, Wade Watts, living with his aunt and uncle. To escape the obstacles of the real world, society uses a virtual world, The OASIS. It is there that the journey begins...
  • Ready Player One is set in a dystopian future in Columbus, Ohio. The same state the author was born in.
  • Now that we have settled in to the plot, let's dive in! Wade has gone from being a street-smart kid to being a world renowned icon and hero. A big role, but if anyone can fill it, it's him.
  • He changes when he realizes the stakes, when he realizes he needs to do things that may not be easy, but it is his destiny to win the keys. He then wins the key and transforms into a selfless leader
  • The climax is when he called the gunters into action against IOI. They overpower the Sixers and get the key.
  • Wade gets the key, meets Halliday's avatar and inherits it all. He then meets Art3mis in person and treats her indifferently even though she looks completely different. A nice message.
  • Fun Fact: There is a real game developing company aclled IOI, they made the Hitman games
  • For me, one of the most important details are the the exposition, more specifically, the setting. In the very first setting, it explains it as a poverty ridden city with tall biuldings made with stacked shipping containers. It further states that crime rates are so high, if a gun went off, no-one would even worry. This provided the reader with a fantastic context to begin the story.
  • I don't know who this is, but he's here =)
  • "No-one looks like their avatars" -ART3MIS
  • In my opinion, the below stated quote by ART3MIS is significant because it illustrates the bases of what amde the group, insecurities. While insecurities can be looked down on in modern times, I believe there are benefits, such as weakness blossoming into strength.
  • The most important setting in the book for me is The OASIS. It is where everything occurs and is the base-setting of the novel.
  • The author showed IMAGERY when he described the intro setting. It informs the reader that it is poor and cramped, not well-off. During the exposition, a challenge for the 3 keys had just been declared.
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