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Updated: 12/22/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Ordinary World:This is the stage at which the character is living their normal life until something big happens or comes up and will lead to something that will have a big impact on their way of life.
  • Entering the Unknown:Crossing the Threshold signifies that the Hero has finally committed to the Journey.
  • Threshold Guardian: They exist to make sure the Hero is prepared for his adventure.
  • Beowulf is considered by most people, the strongest man alive a the time. To prepare he "chose the mightiest men he could find" to help him defeat Grendel, the monster in a battle"(Beowulf, lines 119-124). This is just the start of his growth throughout the story.
  • The Supreme Ordeal/Abyss: The most dangerous part of the journey.
  • After the news of Grendel's death, his mother is out to seek revenge, so Beowulf plans to defeat her at the bottom of the lake. Beowulf didn't look twice as "leaped into the lake" without looking back(Beowulf, lines 450-451).
  • Mentors/Allies: The function of the mentor is to prepare the hero to face the unknown, to accept the adventure.
  • When Beowulf plans to attack the dragon he tells his men to stand close by, Beowulf tells them to “wait for [him] close by, [his] friends, we shall see, soon who will survive this bloody battle”(Beowulf, lines 624-627). The men turned out to not be his guardians because they left him to fight for himself.
  • Transformation: This is the final stage of the Hero's journey in which he returns home to his “Ordinary World” as a changed man. This quest has changed the hero’s life form here on out.
  • When Beowulf fights the battle against the dragon, he fights to his death and "for the first time in his life that famous prince fought with fate against him"(Beowulf, lines 667-671). It would be known to all as the last great battle of Beowulf.
  • To win against the battle, Beowulf needed help, he had a warrior, Wiglaf by his side for this battle, him “and Beowulf together finally succeed in killing the beast”(Beowulf, page 56). After they defeated the dragon, Beowulf would soon pass away because of his burns. Wiglaf follows Beowulf's dying wishes.
  • Beowulf doesn't come back changed as a person, he is now deceased, which gives Wiglaf the power to lead the Danes. Beowulf's dying wishes were granted, "the Geats built the tower" for Beowulf that was "strong and tall, so sailors could find it far and wide"(Beowulf, lines 871-872).
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