Unknown Story
Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • wow white leather seats.
  • can we ride in it ?
  • everyone get out of the car
  • wow look at the window!
  • the seats are so comfy!
  • what song should we put on the radio?
  • sir, you are under arrest for a stolen car.
  • why!
  • everyone was looking at how cool Louie's other cousins car was. it had white leather seats and the seats were big and soft like a warm marshmallow. the windows opened automatically and you didn't have to wind them up.
  • they all went on a spin in Louie's other cousins new expensive car. they couldn't help themselves by playing with the radio and the weird automatic windows that they have never seen before.
  • they heard police sirens behind them and Louie's other cousin told everyone to get out of the car.he tried to escape the police by going into the alley, but he just crashed and that day the police arrested Louie's other cousin.