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Champaran movement
Updated: 10/18/2020
Champaran movement
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  • The little known story of how bihar's Chamapran Transformed Gandhi and India Champaran satyagraha was the movement responsible for putting Gandhi on the front seat of Indian nationalist movement and making satyagraha a powerful tool of civilian resistance
  • 1859 Blue rebellion (revolt1859)
  • In march 1859 thousands of ryots refused to grow indigo,pay the rent and attacked indigo factories armed with swords spears bows and arrows
  • Bihar's east champaran , waiting for a man who was destined to lift their lives out of misery little did crowd welcoming him know that Gandhi's visit would snowball into first satyagraha that he would lead in the country
  • Welcome Mr Gandhi we are delighted to meet you
  • A very very welcome
  • 1859 bengalbefore the champaran movement
  • Peasnts who were initially tempted by loans soon realised how harsh the system was the price the got for indigo they produced was low and the cycle never ended indigo too exhausted the soil and no new crop could be grown
  • You have to sign this agreement to get a loan
  • The ryots could fulfill their existing contracts but also could refuse to grow indigo in future
  • After every new harvest we are given a new loan and the cycle does not stop
  • Worried by rebellion,the government brought in military for protection of planters and set up the indigo commision to enquire the system of indigo protection. the commision suggested planters guilty and said that they used coercive methods to control ryots.
  • 1917 , After the revolt. Planters shifted operation to Bihar.
  • Gandhi ji would you please agree to my request and visit champaran and see the plight of indigo cultivators there.
  • When Mahatma Gandhi returned from south africa a peasant from bihar persuaded him to visit champaran and see the plight of indigo cultivators there.
  • After revolt indigo production collapsed in Bengal and the cruel planters did not stop and shifted their operation to Bihar Mahatma Gandhi's visit in 1917 marked the beginning of champaran movement against indigo planters.
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