comic strip
Updated: 5/8/2020
comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • I am chewing my food in my mouth which is the begining of the digestive system the mouth chews the food which makes it easier to digest.The watermelon moves to my esophagus which is a long tube that brings food to my stomach.Then my liver make chemicals the body needs to function.Then it moves to my stomach my stomachhas 3 jobs:store the food you ate , brake it up into a liquid mix and sloly put it into the small intestine.Then it moves to my gallbladder which is a hollo organ where bile is stored before it is released into the small intestine
  • After all of those it moves to the pancreas which helps the liver make enzymes to break down food in the small intestine.Then it ends up in the small intestine and my small intestine absorbs nutrients from food which helps the pancreas,liver,and gallbladde after that it goes in to my large intestine which is almost the final step and the function of it is were undigested food is stored
  • the last 2 steps are the rectum which is the end section of your large intestine,terminating the anus the anuses job is have waste leave your body