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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/27/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Scene 7
  • Everything will be okay tell him that and if it goes wrong i have a plan
  • Scene 8
  • Father i do not like Prince Claudius and i will not marry him
  • What on earth! do you know who you're talking to, and what non sense your saying
  • Scene 9
  • It's about the bloody hell of a farmers son hamlet is it. How many times will I tell you not to see him and you will and shall marry Prince Claudius now go back into your room
  • Ophelia complaining to Hamlet(Zoom mid length to Hamlet and princess Ophelia)
  • Scene 10
  • Ophelia trying to reason out why she won't marry prince Claudius(camera zooms out to full body length and transitions to next scene)
  • Scene 11
  • Ophelia run a way with me and lets start anew in Britain
  • Oh my Hamlet yes, I'd love to
  • Zooms into King Hamlet slapping Ophelia (Zoom camera for a close up of the slap and zoom out to full body length and transition to next scene)
  • Scene 12
  • Princess Ophelia's roomPan to left and zoom into Hamlet knocking on her window
  • *KNOCK*
  • Hamlet asks her to run away with him (Put the camera to both of them zoom out with full body length, then transition to boat scene)
  • Hamlet lead Ophelia for the midnight boat to Britain (Zoom into Hamlet and Ophelia kissing and pan camera to right to see the ocean for ending scene)
  • *my heart will go on* from titanic playing on the background
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