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Updated: 2/7/2020
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  • Transform boundaries are places where plates slide sideways past each other. Fault Lines and earthquakes are a characteristic of a transform boundary. The San Andreas fault in California is an example of a Transform boundary.
  • Tremendous heat and pressure within the earth cause the hot magma to flow in convection currents. These currents cause the movement of the tectonic plates that make up the earth's crust. Ridge push happens at spreading centers where plates are moving apart. Slab pull happens at subduction zones where one plate is pulled down into the mantle. Plates at our planet's surface move because of the intense heat in the Earth's core that causes molten rock in the mantle layer to move. Slab pull occurs when an oceanic plate subducts into the underlying mantle. The process of a tectonic plate descending into the mantle is called subduction.
  • The plate that we live in is the San Andreas fault. The North American plate, the Pacific plate, and the Juan de Fuca plate all border the united states. Yes we are in hazard related to tectonic plates because the San Andreas fault is due to move any second and when it does its going to be a destructive earthquake. A potential problem the United States might have in the future due to tectonic plates is all the continents colliding with eachother causing crashing with every continent.