Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • As the creature continues walking in the storm he gets very ill and collapses to the ground. A group of travelers see him from a distance, two very large guys and one girl who was as beautiful as a flower. They approach the monster but when they see him the two guys freak out but the girl seems to be intrigued by his look. Turns out she herself was a scientist and was looking for an example on how to create life.
  • She takes him back to the laboratory and gives him a makeover. When the monster woke up he was surprised to see that the girl was not freaked out. The girl showed him a mirror and the monster saw that he was shocked to see that he wasn't hideous anymore.
  • The girl asked him about his creator. The monster told her the whole story. When the monster tried to leave the girl told him it would be better if he stayed with her. He agreed and as time passed he got rid of all the thoughts about vengeance on humans.
  • The girl and the monster got married.
  • The two guys however didn't like the creature one bit so one day when the creature was alone they worked together and killed the creature.
  • When the found out who killed the creature she committed sucide out of fear of being killed.