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  • Good morning. I heard it's your birthday! As a gift, I would like to invite you for a game.You have to tell me, when and where these situations have happened and with who?! I hope you will enjoy!
  • It started on a dinner. She was beautiful and nice. I was wondering if she even noticed me?!
  • What a nice and well organised event it is. But I enjoy more to stay at the table and talk with the girl.
  • Hell yeah! Our first picture...
  • I would never thought that tea will change my life! First time we felt the real connection.
  • At least it turned out that I'm comfy.
  • The weirdest but the most succesful massage ever!
  • She always stay with me even in the shit situations.Just because of the tapes...
  • I have hated to celebrate my birthday. ...until now.
  • Doesn't matter how disgusting was the beggining... at the end we always had fun!
  • I love to sleep next to her after a looong training session... I mean cycling!!!
  • To the top
  • 3,5 km
  • She is awesome! She is from the mountains... I love mountains!
  • Sometimes we're quite spontaneous and just drink... and then cuddle.
  • Once a ghost opened our door... she just jumped under the blanket.
  • Nothing to say, we have fetishes... for example leather fetish!
  • She made me to sneak and climb in through the window. I would do anything for her...
  • If I'm stupid as shit, and act like an asshole... she is patient, and help me to feel better! But first she likes to act like Italian.
  • Wooow... I think she can do anything for me! Perfect partner!
  • We have the same hobby... eating! Pizza! Specially in the bed after exploring a Balkan city.
  • There is nothing better, than cuddle a bit after a long time without eachother ... even on a flight... my god, she is naughty!
  • Together we can solve anyhing... while we are having fun!
  • If the prison is like this... I want to move in with her for... forever!
  • I had a really shit season, but anyway... I finished on the top with the the best person I know!
  • So, do you know who is my Baba?Happy Birthday!
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