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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/21/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Introduction
  • Hello my name is Jack. I am here to show you around and tell you all the things that happened during the civil war.
  • Cause of the War
  • One event that Caused the war was the Missouri Compromise. Congress admitted the Missouri Compromise because it was a slave state and a free state.
  • Start of the War
  • The start of the war is when all of the southern states start leaving the Union.
  • The Civil War is important because it brought a war in the United States. It made the North and the South go against each other on something that they both had mixed opinions on.
  • Union War Efforts
  • The Union's strategy is to surround Louisiana and take their main port.
  • The reason of the Civil War was fraught was about slavery. The North side of the U.S. was against slavery and wanted to abolish it. And the South of the U.S. was for slavery and slavery was their daily part of life as they did farming.
  • Confederacy War Efforts
  • The start of the war is when Abraham Lincoln became president and was anti-slavery. Lincoln said that he wouldn't mess with slavery in the south but all the Southern states started leaving the United states. And when the southern states left the Union they became the Confederacy and they were pro slavery.
  • Legacy of the War
  • The Legacy of the War is that the United States has to come back and be a country.
  • The Unions strategy is to surround Louisiana and take down all of their forts. While doing this they would go and take all of the forts. Then they would take Port of New Orleans so that the Confederacy won't get supplies. General Winfeild Scott came up with this plan.
  • The Confederacy's strategy is to burn all their supplies because they didn't want the Union to take them and use it against them. And the Confederacy's General Lovell came to New Orleans and Gave the News That the Union was taking over.
  • The Confederacy wanted to burn all their supplies so that the Union couldn't take them.
  • The civil war was bad on the Country because the Northern states and the Southern states had to come back together and try to because the United States again. The also had to rebuild the economy but not on slaves and have to learn new ways of making money.
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