Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and his men, tie themselves underneath rams. This will convince the Cyclops lets out the rams to graze, allowing the men to be set free. In this scenario, the rams are disguising the crew, allowing them to escape
  • You never linger so, 360 but graze before them all, and go afar to crop sweet grass, and take your stately way leading along the streams, until at evening you run to be the first one in the fold.
  • Odysseus and his men reach Stage 3: The Return. They defeat the Cyclops and return to their ships. They hit the sea and begin feasting on mutton and sweet wine, while the sun is setting. As it becomes to get darker, they all go to sleep, after observing the ripples in the sea.
  • Now all day long until the sun went down we made our feast on mutton and sweet wine, till after sunset in the gathering dark we went to sleep above the wash of ripples.