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Updated: 5/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 🎼🎼🎼🎧....
  • Hi Tang Guo! What are you doing?
  • I'm listening to music on this new music app, Groovify. It's very easy and good to use, and it's free!
  • Oh wow! Can you teach me how to use it?
  • For example, you see this three dots icon here? It allows you to look at your queue, add a song to playlist and more. The best is that it's free!
  • This app is fairly simple to use and is similar to your typical music apps!
  • That's nice! An easy to use app that's free is not that easy to find. 
  • One reason why I really like to use this app is the social media integration, allowing you to share your music on your Instagram Story and other platforms!
  • That's amazing! Not many music apps allow you to share your songs with friends.
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  • However, as with every app, there are obviously flaws. This app does not have a 'Genre' icon, but the different genres can be found under the 'Playlists' icon. However overall, I believe this app is still worth a try!
  • Okay, i might download it!