Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • Main Characters
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • The main Characters are: Parvana's Mom (Ellis 19),Parvana (Ellis 15) , Shauzia (Ellis 87), Mrs. Weera ( Ellis 55), Nooria (Ellis 15).
  • Theme
  • Breadwinner take place in Afghanistan (Ellis 17). Most of the story takes place in the market and at Parvana's house (Ellis 16).
  • Social Issue
  • You can't go outside without a man!
  • The conflict in the story is that the Taliban won't let woman out of there houses (Ellis 16). Parvana's dad is the only one who can go outside but he gets arrested so no one in Parvana's family can go make money (Ellis 35).
  • Symbols
  • The theme is Breadwinner is to always have hope. Parvana always had hope that her dad would come back no matter what other people said (Ellis 89).
  • He will come back!!!
  • "Most prisoners are never heard of from again."
  • The Taliban had taken over and the woman couldn't go outside (Ellis 15). The Taliban had power over people in afghanistan because they could take away your family and kill you (Ellis 16).
  • The symbol in Breadwinner is the burka. The burka represents that the Taliban want women to stay inside (Ellis 16). They don't want anyone to see them so they have to wear burkas and paint their windows black (Ellis 39).
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