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Updated: 2/14/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Omg, why did you have to come to me. 5 minutes until i finsih.
  • Fine I will serve you.
  • Oh, it says you are still open for serving. Sorry should I go, or.....?
  • Why was he so rude. I am never shopping there again. There customer service is so bad!
  • A week later.....
  • I hope this store is not rude to me like the last one.
  • Hi How are you today. Do you need help with anything?
  • Oh, um hi.... I do actually need help. Do you know where I can find some bulk dog food?
  • Woah, really good customer service, I like this store
  • That sounds excellent, thank you so much!!!
  • Hi, how are you today. First Time at our store, I will chuck in a drink for free. How does that sound?
  • This store is so good with customers, I will definitely be coming back here
  • I love this store, great customer service. I will defiantly be coming here again!!