Updated: 11/14/2018
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Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • Rising Action
  • lets begin the scary story
  • Climax
  • Scene:the kids go camping Camera shot: long shot Sounds:campfire bugs birds Music:calm
  • falling action
  • Scene: they want to tell scary music Camera Shot:long shot Sounds:campfire sounds Music:scary music
  • Resolution
  • Scene: the girl starts the story and the scene is the story she is telling once there were to kids who where camping they heard a loud noise then they heard footsteps and then they saw him the Demon Reaper. Camera Shot:close up Sounds: foot steps and Music:scary music
  • the end
  • Scene:they were to slow for the demon man and they were never seen again Camera shot:long shot Sounds:none Music scary
  • Scene one of the kids saw the demon man but they got away just in time. camera shot:long shot sounds:screaming Music dramatic music.
  • Scene:the kids and the demon man return to there boss and the kid were turned into zombies. camera shot:long shot Sounds:monsters talking Music drematic music.
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