Types of Conflict
Updated: 1/12/2021
Types of Conflict

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  • Person v. Nature
  • The bear is here!
  • “...massive black head, the nose up and smelling, the tiny eyes bright with hungry anticipation.” (1)
  • Person v. Person
  • I was just asking Lyddie!
  • “‘Did she try to make you join?’... ‘She means,’ said Betsy, ‘did she tie you up and torture you until you promised to join the Female Labor Reform Association?’... Betsy slammed her book shut. ‘What affair is it of yours, Amelia?’” (72-73)
  • What's your problem, Amelia?
  • Person v. Society
  • “Within five minutes, her head felt like a log being split to splinters. She kept shaking it, as though she could rid it of the noise, or at least the pain, but both only seemed to grow more intense… a few hours of standing in her proud new boots and her feet had swollen so that the laces cut into her flesh… tears were caused by the swirling dust and lint… could hardly breathe, the air was so laden with moisture and debris… coughed, trying to free her throat and lungs for breath.” (75)
  • I hate this place!
  • In this type of conflict, it’s a person against an animal from nature, so Lyddie is the person against the bear.
  • Amelia and Betsy are very different people with different personalities and constantly argue with one another.
  • In this type of conflict, it’s a person against an environment, so Lyddie is the person against the unsanitary and noisy environment.
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