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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Hunter's Fall
  • Let me just grab my brier... AHHHHHH!
  • BANG!
  • Enter the General
  • I'm Sanger Rainsford of New York. I fell off a yacht. I'm hungry.
  • It's a very great honor to welcome Mr. Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home.
  • WHAT!?
  • The Only Animal With Reasoning
  • Hunting just lost its excitement for me. That is, until I started hunting humans.
  • It was night. While sailing past the infamous Ship Trap Island, Sanger Rainsford, a celebrated hunter, was supposed to be on his way to hunt jaguars in Rio de Janeiro. However, after everybody else on his yacht went inside, Rainsford heard gunshots coming from the island. He dropped his tobacco pipe, and while reaching for it, he fell off of the yacht. Exposition.
  • Three Traps, Three Tries
  • Rainsford swam to the island and started walking around on it. While doing that, he noticed a large chateau amidst the trees. Being hungry and tired, he walked up to the chateau and knocked on the door. He was met by a large man called Ivan, who is pointing a gun at him. However, he was stopped by the owner of the chateau, a Cossack named General Zaroff, who had heard of Rainsford's reputation. Rising Action.
  • A New Champion Emerges
  • On guard, Rainsford...
  • Once inside the chateau, Rainsford saw countless animal heads, all of them being from very big and dangerous game. He commented on this which led to a conversation between Zaroff and him. Zaroff went on to tell Rainsford that he had been hunting big game on the island for a while, all of which were imported. However, Zaroff started saying how boring hunting had got, so he decided hunting new game, animals with reasoning; humans. Rising Action.
  • A Bed Befit for Winners
  • After their conversation, Zaroff asked Rainsford if he would hunt with him. Rainsford, of course, didn't want to, knowing that this was murder. However, Zaroff meant that Rainsford would be the prey, and he gave Rainsford some equipment and stated that if he survived three days, he would win. Rainsford, being the hunter he is, created three traps, all of which had different effects. The first, the Malay Man-Catcher hit Zaroff in the arm with a log. The second, The Burmese Tiger Pit killed one of Zaroff's hounds. The third, the Uganda Knife Spring Trap, killed Ivan. With Zaroff and the hounds close on his tail, Rainsford has no choice but to jump into the ocean, where he is presumed dead. Climax.
  • Zaroff returns to his chateau, feeling victorious. However, when Zaroff came to bed that night, Rainsford popped out from behind Zaroff's curtains, which startled the general. The general then congratulated Rainsford on winning. However, Rainsford proposed one final challenge, stating he was still a beast at bay. The two then dueled with each other as one last game of survival of the fittest. Falling Action.
  • In the end, Rainsford won the duel and fed Zaroff to the hounds. The celebrated hunter was the winner, once again. Resolution.
  • I've never slept in a better bed!
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