The Fearsome Five-Pilot
Updated: 4/30/2020
The Fearsome Five-Pilot
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Four teenage friends, families in need of a change, and one world to save. Will these four friends be enough to counteract the dangers the world faces, what could go wrong? Follow along with the journey of these four kids!

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  • Please recreate these
  • A C A B
  • F G F D
  • A D F G
  • It's simple really, all you need to do is follow the algorithm I've created
  • Huh? Pops is that you!? I thought you were still at work!
  • Surprised to see your pops?
  • Jack!
  • It's fine, we'll catch up later
  • I'm gonna have catch up with you guys later, sorry
  • Dad's home!
  • Hey guys, glad you're home
  • Yeah! These floors aren't gonna clean themselves!
  • Hey dad hey Jack, we could use some help
  • Okay, but we've never seen you with a beard before!
  • I'll be right back, that business trip was stressful, didn't pay much, and I didn't have time to shave!
  • Well would ya look at that, a beardless man, and it's bedtime!
  • But mom pleeease can we stay up? Please please please
  • Ahh! No! Hehe!
  • Like it? It feels kinda good to be beardless again!
  • You heard the lady, off to bed you four! Or the evil bedtime monster will getcha! Boo!
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