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Updated: 1/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • By: Brady Horwitz
  • Akhenaten
  • I have 10 children including King Tutankhamen and Queen Ankhesenamun. I was the 2nd son, but when my older brother, Thutmose, died I became the crown prince of Egypt.
  • I have 4 wives but my main spouse was Nefertiti. My real name is Amenhotep IV but in my 5th year of reign, I changed it to Akhenaten. Akhenaten means Living Spirit Of Aten.
  • Hi my name Akhenaten and I was born in Egypt, 1380 BC and died in 1336 BC. I lived for 56 years and ruled for 17 of them. My whole Empire was approximately 4.6 square miles. I ruled in a city that I built known as Amarna.
  • I'm best known for changing the religion in Ancient Egypt, and I called it Monotheistic Religion. I also started the Worship of Aten, created the city of Amarna, and figured out how to make realistic paint. Sadly after I died, the Monotheistic Religion was taken down and the town of Amarna was abandoned.
  • I became the Crown Prince of Egypt around the age of 33 years old. I died when I was 56, due to Marfan's Syndrome.
  • I was put inside the Royal Tomb Of Akhenaten. My tomb was originally in the Valley Of The Kings, but then it was moved to the city I built, Amarna. Since Amarna was abandoned after I died, It is a mystery to where my body is.
  • I was discovered by Edward R. Ayrton in 1907, while he was working in the Valley of Kings for Theodore M. Davis.
  • Even though I have a feminine body structure, I'm indeed a man.
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