The bio of Donovan bailey
Updated: 3/29/2021
The bio of Donovan bailey

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  • The Biography of Donavan Bailey
  • Family
  • Childhood
  • You can be whatever you went if you believe in your self
  • Quotes from me
  • Best teacher ever
  • Donovan Bailey Was a great sprinter and if you you want to learn more about him keep reading my small biography
  • A Young Talent
  • Donovan bailey was born to George and Daisy bailey he had 4 siblings and he was the fourth child.
  • Accomplishments
  • Donovan was inspired by his teacher Mrs. Swaby who said you can be whatever you want just believe in your self
  • How he showed Self Determination
  • From a young age the teachers noticed that Donavan always came first in races and was fast. Donovan bailey’s hobbies are Football basketball and track and field. He was good at track and football and his main focus was basketball
  • Donovan Bailey was a Hall of famer and was a fastest man alive in 1996 he won a silver medal and 3 gold.
  • Donovan Bailey is the fastest man alive
  • Donovan Bailey injured his Achilles tendon during a basketball game with his friends and after that he injured his hamstring in a race even when he was hurt so much he went to a other race when he got pneumonia and that ended his running career.